About Us

About us

Autism Voice is a parent-driven not for profit organization set up in 2013, by parents of an autistic child who struggled to get acceptance and recognition from members of their community in South London. Autism Voice aims to end stigma and discrimination attached to Autism.

About us


Autism Voice envisions a society in which people with autism and co-occurring conditions and their families are supported by a society that works to ensure they can live with dignity, participate in a quality of life,
and strive for a brighter future.


Reliable (always doing what we say we will)

Excellence (striving for excellence and quality)

Honesty (in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity)

Equality (all stakeholders are respected)

Culture of learning (we value learning and feedback for service improvement)

Forward thinking (endurance and innovation in our practice)

From these core values, we ensure:

Integrity and respect in reputation

Innovation and excellence in practice

A positive and passionate organization

Inspiring leadership

Consistency and endurance in adversity


Autism is still poorly understood by many people in different communities in the UK. Our mission is to educate the public about the condition, give and advocate for support and protection of people within the spectrum and help in enhancing autistic people and their families to live a happy and fulfilling lives.



Be the association and voice for Autism in the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic community in the UK.

Forge a better cultural understanding between the autistic community in BAME and professionals.

Work in partnership with a range of voluntary, private, and statutory agencies to improve access to services for autistic people and their families.

Encourage research into Autism in the BAME community.

A better understanding of ASC particularly among members of the BAME community in the UK.

People with ASC from mainly the BAME community having access to relevant services.

Autistic children having access to appropriate intervention, services and resources immediately following diagnosis.

People with ASC and their families have transition plans that result in more independent adult life that is meaningful to the individual.

Individuals with ASC will have effective interventions, services and support throughout their lifetime.

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