Autism in BAME symposium 2019

Autism Voice UK will hold the 2019 Autism in BAME symposium on Tuesday April 23. The theme for this year’s symposium is ‘Providing a Comprehensive Care for Families and People with Autism’

The symposium offers a timely opportunity for the autism community to brainstorm, identify and develop comprehensive care approaches that are multicultural sensitive to the needs of families and people with autism in the United Kingdom.

It will also reinforce the need for professionals to develop a family-centred approach in developing care and support mechanisms for persons with autism and related conditions.

The symposium will inform attendees about current research, tools and techniques used in identifying, supporting the autistic person and help families and people with autism have a healthy and happy lives.

It will also educate professionals, families and adults with autism about evidenced based comprehensive care approaches for families and people with autism.

The conference will create a platform for families and practitioners to meet commitments and address new and emerging care and support needs for the family of the autistic person.

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