This February half-term Autism Voice organised a five-day play and social club for children with autism, their siblings and parents.

‘It was a week full of fun, play and entertainment’ ~ says Mrs Augusta Siaw the lead teacher.

The week was divided into five themes, with each day having its own theme. On Monday the group did show and tell and drama. The children acted to ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and tell the group about what they did over the weekend.

On Tuesday it was all about play, singing and dancing. Mums also showed us their favourite moves and we all laughed out loud.

Wednesday was a day for playing with slime and playdough and engaged in group dance. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to work on their fine motor skills, concentration and cognition.

Thursday was baking day and we enjoyed having turns in mixing the dough. We baked delicious cookies which everyone enjoys. There was enough for everyone to take home and share with families at home.

On our final day, we hopped, jumped, ran and danced to lovely music by British artist including Ed Sheeran. Children also had their chance at improving their communication skills using computers. We also took time out to visit the playground and have some fun out there.

We asked the children and Mums to tell us what their favourite part of week was. While some said it was the baking day, others pointed out at the dancing, playing with toys and hopping.

The aim of the social club was to enhance the children’s communication, listening, social and play skills. We are very happy to have achieved them through this week-long activity.

We are happy to continue this every half term while we continue with our Saturday arts and social club.

‘I am very pleased I brought the boys to these sessions. It has really changed my life and I hope you’ll do this regularly’ ~ Marisa


Flashback: Mums, children join us in a half-term week of fun, play and entertainment

Flashback: Mums, children join us in a half-term week of fun, play and entertainment