Let’s Talk About Autism

Autism Voice UK will on January 28 commence a two-hour speech and interactive session called Let’s Talk About Autism. This is in line with the organization’s plan to engage the community on different areas of autism in order to improve the support for families and people with autism as well as enhance the understanding of the condition.

Let’s Talk About Autism will inform and engage the public diverse aspects of autism and also provides an opportunity for questions. The once monthly session will involve speakers from diverse background and expertise. The theme for January is happiness and the topic is ‘How to raise a happy child with autism and how to stay happy as a parent’.

The event will provide tips on raising a happy child with autism, happiness techniques for families, workshop on sibling’s support and self-care for the whole family.

Speaker is Lorna Bryan. A Mum to a 35-yr-old Son who is diagnosed with Autism that has had a powerful impact on Lorna’s family. Teaching was Lorna’s first job. She also gained qualification in nursing, law, complimentary therapies and sign language to help support people affected by Autism. She founded and run the Positive Opportunity non-profit. Lorna is a published author. She has also done voluntary work for NAS, MIND and Maudsley NHS. Lorna is keenly interested in the relationship between autism and mental health.

The February session will be held on Monday 25th. Our theme for February is food and healthy eating. The topic is, ‘Food and staying healthy with autism.’

This session will provide tips on sensory sensitivity and autism relating to eating sounds and food texture, techniques on supporting people with taste sensitivity, a cooking session and an opportunity to share stories about food.

Speaker Sue Sheehan is an experienced community development worker, working in the environmental sector. She is a highly effective facilitator and can affect collaboration between diverse groups and individuals. She currently works freelance to inspire and mentor individuals and groups to collaborate and develop their own projects. Susan is also an experienced fundraiser.

The session is free and is available to all. Adults with autism, parents, carers and family members of people with autism are particularly encouraged to attend.

Let’s Talk About Autism will continue throughout 2019.

This community engagement is funded by Big Lottery Awards for All.

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