Our Services


Autism Voice UK is involved in a number of services to reach it goals.

Community Outreach

Our regular community outreach activities to faith groups, and community groups in Lambeth and Southwark to educate communities about autism-related stigma and discrimination in particular the BAME community and how to break down barriers associated with them.

Emotional support

Our emotional support volunteers/key workers provide free information, advice and support to autistic adults, parents/carers, and professionals. This service also includes family liaison, talk session, 1:1 support and outreach to annual school reviews for autistic children, help with applying for EHCP and other social benefits, home visitations and meeting with social and other services involved with the family.

Job/Career advice and support

Our job support for autistic people helps autistic people in the working age gain vital skills and knowledge for successful job application, interview techniques, writing curriculum vitae and tips about staying in the job. This includes 1:1 job support service and opportunity for upskilling at a skills training institute or academic institution.

Training, workshops, and conferences

Our regular meetings discuss different aspects of autism and neurodiversity to enhance knowledge and understanding and provide self-empowerment to autistic people and their families. This can be face to face or online.


We understand the importance of research in extending and expanding our areas and interests of work. Therefore, we regularly collate data from the work we do. This forms part of our annual report.

Mentorship and befrending

Our mentors provide confidential support on a range of practical and emotional issues with an aim of helping them identify and strategize plans to help in their personal development. Our mentors help autistic adults enhance their social and communication skills, pursue their hobbies and interests and be someone they can speak to.

Support Group

This is a regular meeting of a safe and secured network of people directly affected by autism in the community to rely on each other for support and empowerment. The session provides regular support, knowledge and experience sharing that inspires and empowers people with ASC, those working with them as well as parents/carers and other family members. We run sessions in Lambeth, Southwark and Croydon.

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