Our Services

Weekly Job/Career Support for Autistic AdultWeekly Job/Career Support for Autistic Adult

Our job support advisors help autistic people in working age with the skills and knowledge for successful job application, interview techniques, writing curriculum vitae, cover letter and tips about staying in job. This service also includes support with acquiring the right skills, training and/or academic development needed to be employed




Weekly/Monthly Support for WellbeingWeekly/Monthly Support for Wellbeing

Our Emotional Support for wellbeing provides free information, advice and support to autistic adults, parents/carers and professionals through weekly/monthly drop-in sessions in Lambeth and Southwark. This service includes 1:1 support and outreach to annual school reviews for autistic children, help with applying for EHCP and other social benefits, home visitations and meetings with social workers and other services involved with the family.




Our mentors provides confidential support on a range of practical and emotional issues with an aim of helping them identify and strategize plans to help in their personal development. Our mentors help autistic adults enhance their social and communication skills, pursue their hobbies and interests and be someone they can speak to.




Training Workshops & ConferencesTraining Workshops & Conferences

We organise regular workshops and annual conference on different aspects of autism to enhance community’s knowledge about autism and related conditions. And empower autistic people and families with the right knowledge and information for effective support and management of their condition.




Arts and Social ClubArts and Social Club

This social club for autistic children and their siblings between the ages of 3-15 provides a safe space for the children to interact, boost self-esteem and help enhance a happy life for them. This club aims to support the children explore their talents in the arts, play and to help boost awareness about autism and autistic children among their non-autistic peers. This service includes our stay and play holiday hub.




Community OutreachCommunity Outreach

Our regular community outreach activities to faith groups, community groups in Lambeth and Southwark to educate communities about autism related stigma and discrimination in particularly the BAME community and how to break down barriers associated with them.




Research and Advocacy

Research and AdvocacyAutism Voice understands the importance of research in extending and expanding our areas and interests of work. Therefore, we will be collating data from the work we do with our beneficiaries. This report will be published yearly in our Annual General Meeting.

We understand that what needs to change is not the families we support but the system and society they are trapped within. We intend to change this by advocating for a change to the legal and welfare system, lobbying for policies protecting Autistic children and adults in the community. We intend to lobby for cultural and ethnic sensitive ASD-related policies.