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Autism Voice UK is involved in a number of services to reach it goals.

Community Outreach

Autistic people and their families need a range of services to support their needs. One of the most pressing needs of Autistic people and their families is centred around stigma and discrimination, lack of acceptance and recognition of their needs.

Our community outreach team provide community sensitisation to the community at bus stops, shopping centres, market places in South London. We offer information, including leaflets, brochures and answer questions from community members on a range of issues around Autism in our community.

Our community outreach team can help community members understand what Autism is and how they can recognise and identify an autistic person, accept and provide adequate support to autistic people when the need be. Our team also engage in autism related stigma and discrimination prevention programmes through our face-to-face and telephone sensitisation programmes.


Our mentorship program provides support to Autistic Adults specifically. Our mentors meet Autistic adults in our premises, or in an agreed location in their community to offer confidential support on a range of practical and emotional problems with an aim of helping them identify and strategise plans to help in their personal development.

Mentors can help Autistic adults understand their options and make informed decisions about their lives. They will not judge autistic persons and will always respect their decisions.

Emotional support

Our emotional support volunteers/key workers offer advice about the services available to autistic people and their families, help families identify their pressing needs and sign post them to the appropriate authorities or charities.

Social and Cultural Club 

In partnership with the West Indian Association of Service Personnel we provide a once a week social and cultural club for autistic young adults. The aim is to inspire and empower them with a sense of cultural identity, instil self-belief and boost their confidence.

Training Programme

The aim of our training is to educate all working with children on what Autism is, how to identify, care and development management plan of an autistic child.

In the UK, many parents lack the knowledge on how to care for their autistic child. For this reason, these children are normally sent for fostering or to child care home. At Autism Voice, we believe parents need to be trained on how to care and support their Autistic children’s development towards them becoming independent adult. This training is offered to families; parents and carers.

Research and Advocacy

Autism Voice understands the importance of research in extending and expanding our areas and interests of work. Therefore, we will be collating data from the work we do with our beneficiaries. This report will be published yearly in our Annual General Meeting.

We understand that what needs to change is not the families we support but the system and society they are trapped within. We intend to change this by advocating for a change to the legal and welfare system, lobbying for policies protecting Autistic children and adults in the community. We intend to lobby for cultural and ethnic sensitive ASD-related policies.


 Our mentorship program provides confidential support to Autistic Adults on a range of practical and emotional issues with an aim of helping them identify and strategize plans to help in their personal development.

Support Group

The programme provides a safety and secured network of people directly affected by autism in the community to rely on each other for support and development. The session provides regular support, knowledge and experience sharing that inspires and empowers people with ASD, those working with them as well as family members. For more information on how to attend one of our session send us an email on


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