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We are a National Open College Network approved centre for the Course: Craft-making

Join our NOCN endorsed Craft-making course and grow your craft-making skills today!

Who is it for?

Neurodiverse people 11- 25 who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET)

Course Description

Our craft-making workshops offer a fun and exciting environment for neurodiverse learners to grow knowledge and vital skills needed to create different forms of crafts including heritage crafts that they can sell or start a business with.

You will be taught by our experienced craft tutors focusing on learning skills to make a craft that would enable you to create and sell craft items either as self-employed from home or as part of a team. 

Our tutors will support you with the step-by-step skills process involved in creating different craftworks and how to sell them.

The course is a great pathway for neurodiverse young people who wish to be self-employed or become entrepreneurs.


The goal is for learners to develop their entrepreneurial skills, creativity potentials, skills

 or craft that they can sell and also develop work-related skills like teamwork and time management.

What will I learn?

Cake making and decoration, Sewing and Embroidery, Soap making, Candle making, Event Venue decoration, Tie and dye and Jewellery making and lots more.


  • Learners should be able to use selected processes to produce a form of craftwork such as soap, candles, shampoo, etc.
  • listvarious items needed to make a craft work of their choice.
  • Explain the process involved in making selected craftworks of their choice.
  • Distinguish between arts and craft.
  • Recognize different forms of arts and craft using the senses.
  • Use knowledge gathered throughout the workshops to develop their own piece of craft.
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills needed to sell their own craftwork.

Course duration

Courses last for between 3-6 workshops including assessment sessions.


£55 per workshop

Learners must complete 360 Guided Learning Hours to receive a NOCN certificate for this course.

All workshops are held at our centre at Clapham Manor Street, London.

To register, Contact us at 07460399290 or

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