Understanding Autism (Continuous Professional Development)

On 20th September Autism Voice organised the Understanding Autism training for members to boost their knowledge and understanding about autism from a professional point of view. All members of Autism Voice have had some practical experience of autism by living with, caring for and/or working with persons with autism. This training was aimed at blending practical know how with professional knowledge to improve on the services we offer.



Participants gained knowledge on what Autism is and what it is not, the
history of Autism, how autism spectrum condition could affect a person’s
day-to-day interaction and ability to learn and interact with others in
multiple settings. The training also provided tips to consider when
communicating with someone in the autism spectrum and also environmental factors that affect people with autism. Participants were also taught stigma attached to autism and its effects on people with autism. The training also provided tips on reducing social stigma in diverse communities. Participants also learned about behavioural traits, risk factors and essential support mechanisms for people within the autism spectrum and their families.


All participants believed the training improved their knowledge and
understanding of autistic people. Participants also said the training has
helped changed their approach towards people with autism particularly at work.




“my awareness in autism has been enhanced by this teaching. This will enable me to practise and work better with autistic clients”

“This was an excellent learning opportunity for me. I wanted to know more about what parents can do. I got lots of ideas.”

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